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This video is completely different than my usual videos. I made this short documentary for one of my teachers at my school, I am now able to share it here
I went to Tanzania with 13 other people to do service work, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, feel the culture of the country. This trip was one of the most enriching experiences of my life.
The Cross Country Journey We hopped in a car and drove across the US. We saw crazy landscapes, interesting people & insane wildlife. One of the craziest travel experiences I've had yet
Green Turtle Cay Bahamas
The Haunting - Application Film 2020
This summer I was given the opportunity to visit Iceland for a week and travel the country. This is that story.
IMPACT - USC Application Film Spring 2022 Erik attempts to rekindle his bond with his drug addicted brother Adrian as they go out for a late night snack.
The Indian River Lagoon (Fake The Books)

This is an old reel I made back in 2019. It's just been sitting on my computer so I thought I'd share it here

A Message to my friends Hey everyone, this video is a little different than the normal. I wanted to make something a little more fulfilling and thought provoking
The Haunting - USC Application Film 2020